Performance Artist Arrested for Letting Strangers Fondle Her Private Parts

Milo Moire Stunt

Milo Moiré is a Swiss performance artist known for pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable to do in public. She was arrested last year for taking naked selfies at the Eiffel Tower. But that incident didn’t stop her from becoming a lot more daring.

For her latest stunt, she invited strangers over 18 years of age to touch her breasts and play with her genitals through a mirrored box.

Milo Moiré
In Düsseldorf, a mirrored box was over her bare breasts and allowed strangers to fondle them. of course, a lot of men obliged. Who wouldn’t?
It got more extreme in Amsterdam and London where she wore a trapezoidal mirrored box over her waist, inviting onlookers to touch her genitals for 30 seconds each.

Her activities in London’s Trafalgar Square unfortunately got her arrested and jailed for 24 hours. The show must go on though. Let’s hope and pray that she’ll be out in the streets again soon!

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