Top 5 Superhero TV Shows You Need to Watch

5. Jessica Jones
jessica jones
Though this is a Superhero TV series, it’s not for kids. It’s a superhero show designed specifically for adults. It has a lot of hot and sexy scenes and scary moments that are not just fit for tiny tykes. Though the show is a bit slow in telling the story at times, it still manages to captivate the viewers and glue them to their seats.
4. Heroes (Season 1 - Original)
Heroes is probably the first superhero TV show to have some movie-quality style of production. The show followed the lives of people who discovered discovered bit by bit that they were “special”. It had an air of mystery which made me crave to watch the next episode immediately. It was fairly easy to fall in love with the first season as the story was top notch along with awesome performances from the cast. It’s just a shame that the show went downhill starting season 2.
3. Arrow
Arrow has established itself as one of the elite shows on TV ever since season 1 aired. You may be thinking what makes Arrow so special if he’s just like Batman with arrows and a hood. Yes, he doesn’t have any special powers, and yes, he’s just like Batman (billionaire, vigilante) but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a shot. Arrow is a whole different superhero and probably even more fun to watch than the Caped Crusader.
2. Daredevil
Have you watched Ben Affleck’s Daredevil? Did you notice how shitty it was? For those of you turned off by the movie like me, it’s normal to disregard this series completely. Trust me though, you’re missing on a pretty good superhero TV series if you’re not watching Daredevil. This show is dark and violent and strikes the right notes that the movie wasn’t able to hit. This show featuring The Man Without Fear has won over countless of fans, myself included. Maybe it’s about time that you started becoming a fan too.
1. The Flash
the flash
The Flash is the best superhero TV series ever made. It doesn’t go dark like a lot of superhero movie and TV franchises are doing. It just maintains a fast and lighthearted romp through Central City as Flash and his team battle meta human after meta human. The core of the show revolves around Team Flash as the chemistry of the cast starting from Harrison Wells (whether he’s a bad man in the persona of the Reverse Flash or the douche bag but caring father from Earth-2) to Barry Allen resonates every episode.

The Flash is littered with lots of funny moments and a slew of heart-breaking ones too. It deals with time-travel and the concept of the multiverse which makes it very intriguing and entertaining to watch. Do not miss this series. You have to watch it ASAP.

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